The Golden Age of Magic

Between the 1850's and the 1930's the world was transfixed by the proliferation of Magic. Specialist theatres existed and huge magic shows toured the world, each promising something more exciting and special than the last one. As a by-product of this explosion of interest a great number of the magicians of the day supplemented their incomes by writing and publishing books which revealed at least some of their secrets.

It is our pleasure to republish the best of these works for a modern audience. In order to do so we have taken the original works and edited and re-typeset them. As a consequence we have made them easier to read. We have not changed the original text, except to remove errors, and we have attempted, where possible, to improve the illustrations in the originals. In all cases we have taken as our goal the thought that the original author would be proud of our efforts. We are continually adding to our portfolio and welcome suggestions for books that we could add. Our editions are of uniform presentation, enabling the collector to build a matching library.